Fresh Palm Fronds

by Tone In Georgia

supported by
Nicholas Quintero
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Nicholas Quintero Met these fantastic people, played with them, drank with them, and I can't think of anyone better. And the musicianship far outstrips most other bands I've ever heard. Favorite track: Foreign Land.
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DingoBrad The lead songwriter/musician, Diego, used to perform these songs on acoustic, and I was the percussion player in his outfit. I particularly appreciate the live feel. On the whole, this record combines funny, hippy, folksy, psychedelic, and classic Diego medley-writing for an album that requires multiple listens.
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released July 13, 2013

All music by:

Billy Giaquinto, Britanny Harris, Jake Minter, Kory Adams, Diego Hodge and John Karwoski.

Drums on Foreign Land/Additional drums on Now You Know and Waltz In Four by: Ainsley Hubbard

Artwork by: Celina Hodge

Graphic Design by: Sheva Kafai

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at The Minter Manor and Hodge Ranch by: Tone In Georgia

Registered to In-Tone-Nation (ASCAP), 2013



all rights reserved


Tone In Georgia Lancaster, California

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Track Name: GOSPEL
So far the moon will rise only to fall
It'd never show it's dark side to those who fall for the sight

For sore eyes see what they like, not what is right in front of them
And though they ought to know illusions will show themselves to you

Look into the sky
See just what you like

I can't fight it I can't we all fall down
Track Name: Succubus
Lean in closely lend me your ear
I'll tell you something that you'll never hear
Lean in closely lend me your eyes
Ill show you something that will awe and surprise
Lend me your eyes.

Lean in closely lend me your heart
But i can't promise i wont smash it apart
Lean in closely lend me your soul
And ill help that light burn out of control
Hand me your soul

Come again my temporary friend
Think of the time well spent

Lean in closely lend me your bed
And ill show you something that youve only read
Lean in closely lend me your bones
And my flesh will cover wounds that you'll never show
Lend me your bones

There Comes a time
In every man's life
When he has to choose
A beautiful wife

She'll powder her nose
And iron your clothes
And never have anything less to say
Than nice
Track Name: Foreign Land
The future's not yet to show
What I thought it might
Become when I was younger

Thought I might settle down
Thought I might leave this town
Thought I might pack my bags
See a foreign land

When I was young
I had consumed the burning bush
And when I drank from it
The bottle drank from me

I fell into a state
Of unquenchable lust
And in the morning
Could not cure my apathy

I won't fall into another
State of mind tranquility
Or so it read in a letter
Sent to and signed by me

I'd been on my feet for days
Searching this town from place to place

I won't fall into another
State of altered reality
Or so, so it read
Track Name: Seasons Song
Fall is here and summers gone and time is moving on and on and
Won't have to wait so long
Faster every year moves on I close my eyes tomorrow's gone I
Won't have to wait so long

Time isn't what it used to be (time isn't what it used to be)
Time isn't what it used to be (time isn't what it used to be)
Time isn't what it used to be and neither are we
Neither are we

For far too long we don't know right from wrong
For far too long

God isn't what he used to be
Our eyes no longer see what his can see
Father what did we used to be
His name has lost its magnanimity

Have you seen the moles which lie beneat the ground
Our bodies fertilize this tepid town
Have you seen the roots beneath the apple tree
How soon that they shall feed on you and me
Track Name: Now You Know
Let us go, you and I,
To the paradise of suns.
The heat grows faster
Than a candle when it runs.

The price won't be so high,
When you put it into perspective.
Just a memory, a foggy thought,
Which persists on while you live.

And now you know,
What you must do.
Now you know
what must be done.
Don't you worry;
Not a command,
Just an ordinary rouse,
Just a repetitious clue.

Roll up your fingers,
Till they make a tiny fist,
Which is so massive,
That it might fall off your wrist.

The pain won't be so harsh!
When it's smacked against his wine-stained jaw.
Your act is nothing,
But gold and divine law!

And now you know,
The time has come.
No where to hide
And there is nowhere to run.
Cast off your knives,
Lay down your guns;
Just your sentimental rage,
I'll let it our your boney cage.

So now you're got
What you have fought the heavens for.
Can think of nothing
You could envy anymore.

I won't be here too long.
I've business to which I must attend.
But we will always be
Those special kind of friends.

And now you know,
There is no evil.
Love's simply lasting,
yet rarely peaceful,
And so are voices
In our electric hives.
But never let your conscious mind
Recognize this sour lime.

Must Run away
'Till the moon is hid
Behind the clouds
Behind the sounds.

That we might make
In sights unseen.
No pupils here,
No lunar gleam.

Just you and me,
Just you and me.
No need for weary

Come with me,
And I will show you down paths
Of fresh palm fronds.

Josh, short, and sharp;
Roots grown so deep
They'll survive most any frost.

But if it melts, and
The roots soak up too much, then
We'll find us a new path, to stumble;
To relapse and fall in before;
To recover a little bit more
Of what we used to call ourselves

Just you and me,
Just you and me.
Track Name: Other Spaghetti Western
Told me not to wait
Told me not to stay
For another day
What else could I say

Gone away for too long
I find it harder to relate
Gone away for too long

Don't you worry little one
The storm will soon be gone

And now I want to find a way out
To follow the line

I was walking in a desert a suburban home I saw
Well the fire came up and burned it to the ground
Track Name: Better Living Through Alchemy
I’ve been studying alchemy
I forfeit poems for bio-chemistry
And I can pull
Penicillin out of mold
But I can’t quite turn leaden sorrow
Into gold

Oh woah, oh, oh oh
Oh woah oh, oh oh

I’ve been studying alchemy
A four foot poem formed by old chemistry
And I would pull
Your body from your bones
And shake, shake, shake the sorrow
From the marrow

Oh woah, oh, oh oh
Oh woah, oh, oh oh


All these cures, you know, take time
Go and open up my cabinet
Even if your heart ain’t mine

Oh woah, oh

Take sarsaparilla and sassafras
Let them steep behind an honest smile
And I swear your smile will last

Oh woah, oh, oh oh
Oh woah, oh, oh oh

I’ve been studying alchemy
I forfeit poems for bio-chemistry
And I can pull
Penicillin out of mold
But I can’t quite turn leaden sorrow
Into gold
Track Name: Hellcat Maggie
A well-dressed man with malicious plans
Won’t you come home, calm down
Come home, calm down
Well-worn smile and weathered hands
Lay your arms down, calm down
Come to no harm now

Girl with a gun never ran from no one
And she won’t now, now now
Hell no not now

Bang bang bang
Boom boom boom
And he’s gone
Bang bang bang boom boom boom
Click click click
And she’s done
Track Name: Waltz In Four
Vacant minds never need the time
So while we sit beneath polaris
Our intentions seem incredibly careless
Vacant souls don't need all that gold
We'll wine and dine and slaughter time
While the rest just turns to mold
To mold

Spatial lines always weave through time
As we resist our finest passions
Our intentions seem so in fashion
Palatial souls have no room to grow
We'll mine for lies and collect our prize
While the rest just turns to mold
To mold

Oh the simple pleasures iv'e found
Can be measured by metered sound
Thats why I had to let you down
Once again

Because open mouth kisses
And sweet and subtle wishes
Don't put food on the dishes
Only plasters my heart

Oh you make my veins drip
While the blood caresses your lips
And i'll fall down to your hips
Once again
Track Name: Third Wheel
You're mine, that's mine.
This cannot be resolved.
The end, suspend;
Can't begin again.
No need to crack
The windows open.
Can't be, any,
Other way to see.
Aha aha, baha ahaha
Aha aha, baha ahaha
Listen, my friend;
I won't say this again.
Too far, much more,
Than I bargained for.

This won't stand this
Act of aggression.
This was not in
My well-crafted plan.
Plus you know what I can do

Pretty hair falls
To the ground.
The purple's turned back to
Platinum Blonde

So my breath is short,
When I walk close to you.
For I have seen storms pass through these parts before,
And I felt them, too.

No need to cry,
Nor to say, "Goodbye."
I'm here, don't fear,
Please just hold me near!
Oh my, oh Sigh!
Just look at the time.
Was fun, so fun,
But now I must run.
Aha aha, baha ahaha
Aha aha, baha ahaha
You'll be all right,
Just look down the sights.
Oh Boy, oh Joy;
Fare thee well, ahoy!

This won't stand, this
Act of jealousy.
I don't care what
You had hoped of me.
Plus you know what they will think.

Aha aha, baha ahaha
We can go
No further,
Without that, Soft Murmur
Of movement
Hard rubber On cement
This journey
Was earned by
No on but you and I
So don't worry
Don't worry
Fix this in a hurry
Just the Third Wheel;
Just the Fourth Hand on that Clock
Just the Third Wheel;
Just the Fourth Hand on that Clock
Oh God what
Has Happened
How could we leave him alone
The Rubber
Is Rotten
How large the cracks have gotten
The Castle
Has Fallen
Foundations are shaken
So go out
And fix it!
Won't take but a minute!