Now You Know

from by Tone In Georgia

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Let us go, you and I,
To the paradise of suns.
The heat grows faster
Than a candle when it runs.

The price won't be so high,
When you put it into perspective.
Just a memory, a foggy thought,
Which persists on while you live.

And now you know,
What you must do.
Now you know
what must be done.
Don't you worry;
Not a command,
Just an ordinary rouse,
Just a repetitious clue.

Roll up your fingers,
Till they make a tiny fist,
Which is so massive,
That it might fall off your wrist.

The pain won't be so harsh!
When it's smacked against his wine-stained jaw.
Your act is nothing,
But gold and divine law!

And now you know,
The time has come.
No where to hide
And there is nowhere to run.
Cast off your knives,
Lay down your guns;
Just your sentimental rage,
I'll let it our your boney cage.

So now you're got
What you have fought the heavens for.
Can think of nothing
You could envy anymore.

I won't be here too long.
I've business to which I must attend.
But we will always be
Those special kind of friends.

And now you know,
There is no evil.
Love's simply lasting,
yet rarely peaceful,
And so are voices
In our electric hives.
But never let your conscious mind
Recognize this sour lime.

Must Run away
'Till the moon is hid
Behind the clouds
Behind the sounds.

That we might make
In sights unseen.
No pupils here,
No lunar gleam.

Just you and me,
Just you and me.
No need for weary

Come with me,
And I will show you down paths
Of fresh palm fronds.

Josh, short, and sharp;
Roots grown so deep
They'll survive most any frost.

But if it melts, and
The roots soak up too much, then
We'll find us a new path, to stumble;
To relapse and fall in before;
To recover a little bit more
Of what we used to call ourselves

Just you and me,
Just you and me.


from Fresh Palm Fronds, released July 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Tone In Georgia Lancaster, California

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